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Rose Croix Jewel

Scottish Rite
Conferred By Rose Croix
Event The 18th degree

Rose Croix jewels are jewels which distinguish a person as a member of the Rose Croix, one of the concordant bodies of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The recipient of this jewel has received the 18th degree, "Knight of Rose Croix" (NMJ) or "Knight of the Rose Croix de Heredom" (SJ). In the UK this degree is called "Sovereign Prince Rose Croix, or Knight of the Pelican and Eagle".

A person with this jewel either has received the Rose Croix degrees of Scottish Rite, or has served as a Rose Croix chapter's principal officer (Most Wise Master, see below).


A crown rests atop a compass opened to a quadrant. There is often a rose and a cross, and a pelican (sometimes misidentified as a swan) pierces her own breast to feed her chicks her own blood. The reverse of these jewels often features an eagle.

According to ACF Jackson in Rose Croix History of The Ancient & Accepted Rite:

In medieval bestiaries, and going back to classical roots, the mother pelican was considered in fable and myth to be so self-sacrificing, that to feed her hungry chicks, she would tear open her own breast to feed them with her blood. Thus the pelican as a symbol of service to others.


Jewel of the Most Wise Master of the Valley of Cincinnati

Rosy Cross Pin

A common emblem of the Rose Croix, both for members and officers, is the Rosy Cross pin, consisting of a white or red cross emblazoned with a rose or roses.

Most Wise Master Jewel

Most Wise Master jewels are exactly like the ones above, but are often encircled in a wreath. It usually is suspended from a red ribbon and is topped with a Bishop's staff and a Mitre. It usually includes the inscription "INRI".

This jewel indicates a person has been elected the Most Wise Master of a Chapter of Rose Croix. This indicates usually over a decade of commitment to the Scottish Rite and service to his local Scottish Rite Valley.