Master Mason Ring

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Master Mason Ring

Master Mason Rings

The Master Mason Ring is among the most common pieces of Masonic jewelry. Coming in a wide variety of styles, shapes, stones, materials, and designs, they are very easy to distinguish.

The ring signifies a person who achieved the Third Degree of Craft, or "Blue Lodge", Masonry.


A Master Mason Ring:

  • Often bears the Square and Compasses, with or without a "G".
  • Does not feature the Quadrant (Which would indicate a Past Master Ring).

It commonly features several of the Working Tools on the side, most commonly the Trowel and the Plumb.

Master Mason Rings can sometimes also feature symbols from other Masonic bodies.



The Memento Mori Ring is a variant of a Master Mason Ring. It is distinguishable by the use of the Skull, crossed bones, or both, in its design. its exact design varies greatly in style, material, and shape.

It represents the solemnity of death, and is a reminder to a Master Mason of his mortality.