Worshipful Master Pin, Ohio

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Grand Master Worshipful Master Pin

Ohio WM 12.jpg
2012 Pin

This pin is presented during some years to Ohio Worshipful Masters as they attend the annual Grand Masters reception for their specific district.


A silver star with the Square and Compasses centered on it. Most Worshipful Brother Kevin B. Todd stated that he chose this design for the Worshipful Masters of his year because as the North Star is looked to for guidance in the wilderness, so should the Worshipful Master be looked to for guidance from the brethren of the lodge.


Ohio WM 13.jpg

The state of Ohio with the Compasses and two right hands in a grip as the square with the words "Worshipful Master".


Ohio WM 14.jpg

A scroll with a violin and Square and Compasses and the words "The Master's Touch" and "2014".