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As every member of the fraternity knows, Freemasonry revolves around the necessity of certain things being secrets. Masons are advised in every jurisdiction to keep the secrets in such a fashion.

What each jurisdiction recognizes as "Secret" varies wildly. As a general rule, however, several things remain consistent. Based on this, The Lost Jewel has adopted the following policy related to secrets of Masonry:

The following data must never be added to this Wiki, whether by a Mason or non-Mason:

  • The word, pass-word, or any normally regularly-recognized substitute thereof, for any degree of Masonry or a related body in a context of being the password for said degree
  • Descriptions or depictions of any sign, due-guard, step, salute, or other visible mode of recognition of any degree of Masonry or related body
  • The description of any of the ancient penalties of Craft Lodges
  • Imagery of the interior of any ritual book or Monitor
  • Discussion of any variant of Masonic cipher
  • Images or copies of the minutes of any Lodge or related body

Furthermore, users are advised to only contribute content to the Project which their Grand Lodge jurisdiction considers to not be secret work.

Violations of this guideline should be reported to a project admin.