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What this Project IS

The Lost Jewel project was created by an Ohio Master Mason in September 2017 as a resource for people to share Masonic regalia, archive historical pieces, and identify otherwise hard-to-identify jewels. Over time, the idea of a collaborative research resource became a possibility, and the Lost Jewel Project's new mission was born.


To archive and document Masonic people, places, objects, history, and symbols so future generations may benefit from the research.

Simply put, The Lost Jewel aims to be a place to learn about Masonic History, the history of the craft and its symbology, and the people who devoted time and energy to the creation of it.

What this project is NOT

This project is not a place to argue about Masonic symbolism. This aims to be an encycopedia, similar to other Masonic Encylopedias cataloged throughout the ages.

This project is not a place to share the secrets of Masonry. Descriptions of symbols should be made objectively, with sources that are clearly not under any stringent aspect of Masonic Secrecy.

This project is not a place to relate or ascertain the value of any individual piece of jewelry. References to the value or cost of a piece are not allowed. Quality description on material should be avoided in the description of a jewel: For example, "Material: gold" is vastly preferred over "Material: 14k gold".

This project is also not a place to argue recognition or regularity. This site might host information from a jurisdiction your Grand Lodge does not recognize. As above, the description of these pieces is academic and objective and as such, Masonic things will not be excluded due to the regularity, or lack thereof, of their source.

Special Thanks

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