Past Master Jewel, Norwood Lodge, 1922

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Bruce Dunlap Past Master Jewel

Bruce Dunlap Past Master Jewel
Material Gold
Lodge Norwood Lodge No. 576
Location Cincinnati, OH
Date 1922
Current Owner Chris Goodin, PM

The Bruce Dunlap Past Master Jewel is an antique Past Master Jewel that has been in use since 1922 by Norwood Lodge No. 576 in Cincinnati, OH. It was first presented to WB Bruce Dunlap. It was passed onto WB Gordon Kahle in 1972, and is currently used by WB Chris Goodin since 2016.


The jewel is solid gold, featuring a wreathed set of compasses over a sun, common to the era as the Quadrant did not become commonplace in Past Master jewels until later. It also features a Trowel and Hand Gavel. It bears the names of WB Kahle and Goodin on gold descending bars.