14th Degree Ring

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14th Degree Ring

Scottish Rite
A 14th Degree Ring from the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction.
Material Traditionally Gold
Conferred By Lodge of Perfection
Event 14th Degree, "Perfect Elu" (SJ) "Grand Elect Mason" (NMJ)

The 14th Degree Ring, also known as the Perfect Elu Ring or the Grand Elect Mason Ring in the Southern and Northern Masonic Jurisdictions respectively, is a common piece of Masonic jewelry. They are very similarly designed and easily recognizable.

The recipient of this ring has received the 14th degree in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.


The 14th Degree ring is gold or silver, with a black triangle encased around the hebrew letter "Yod". the ring bears an inscription inside that reads "Virtus junxit, mors non separabit" or its English translation: "Whom virtue unites, death cannot separate."